What Should You Know About Getting Braces

What Should You Know About Getting Braces

Posted by Healthy Smile Dental Care on Jun 21 2021, 04:25 AM

Getting braces is a big step towards getting a beautiful and confident smile. But before getting the braces, you must clean your teeth thoroughly. Brush and floss your teeth regularly before the appointment. The gums and teeth should be in the best possible condition before getting the braces. 

Book an appointment with the dentist to know about braces and how you will get them. Go for the routine check-up along with professional cleaning of your teeth. Further, the dentists will check your gums and teeth before putting on braces. They will check if your teeth are strong enough to hold braces or not. 

What to Not Eat Before Getting Braces

Some foods are not braces-friendly. They can bend the wires or even pop the brackets. Therefore, you have to avoid eating them. 

Food items you should avoid in the process are:

  • Nuts and popcorn
  • Bread rolls and hard crust pizzas
  • Crunchy vegetables and fruits, etc.

What Should You Do When You Get Your Braces?

  • Wash Your Teeth Thoroughly

To get the braces perfectly centered, it's best to wash your teeth thoroughly. You can brush your teeth or also floss. The endodontist will require a clean surface for putting the braces. If you don't want professional cleaning, it's best to clean your teeth twice a day after taking all your meals. 

  • Run Your Tongue Over the Teeth

Before getting braces, run your tongue to feel the smoothness to check if it is clean enough. It might not be enough for the dentist to work on, but it would be a big step towards it.

Do Cavities Need to Be Filled and the Teeth Whitened Before Putting on Braces?

You can get braces even if you have cavities. But when you have the cavities tended first, there won't be any discomfort or pain while putting on braces. Dentists might recommend whitening after the braces are put. Fixing the braces generally takes about 2 hours to complete. It can be done in a single appointment, though complex cases take more. 

How Are Braces Put on the Teeth?

The dentists will start by cleaning your teeth. Then, traditional metal braces are put to the teeth with special bonding glue. Next, the metal bands are secured to the side molars for fixing the brackets. The archwires are fixed with small rubber bands called ligatures. After putting on the braces, you’ll be limited to eating just soft foods for at least one month. 

Braces help to provide new confidence to people. There will be a difference in the smile as early as the first week, and then everything will be sorted by the next week. 

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