Floss Like a Boss

Floss Like a Boss

Posted by Judex Ramirez on Jan 15 2022, 10:23 PM

Flossing is an essential part of maintaining good oral and dental health. Flossing is a method of cleaning your teeth and gums by physically removing food particles, plaque, bacteria, and other substances from between your teeth and below the gum line. When you do not floss, you are allowing these unwanted substances to remain on your teeth and in your gums. This can lead to gum inflammation, tooth decay, and gum disease.

While brushing your teeth removes plaque from the front and back of your teeth, flossing allows you to reach those areas in between your teeth. 

How Often Should You Floss?

Flossing is recommended at least once a day. Some patients prefer flossing at night, but this may not be possible if you have braces or retainers. In that case, flossing after your last meal of the day is recommended.

If you find that flossing causes your gums to bleed, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Ramirez, who will identify the cause and determine the solution.

How to Floss?

Dr. Ramirez and his team recommend flossing at least once a day. Flossing correctly, however, can be more difficult than it sounds. Use these tips to floss like a boss:

  • Use a length of floss that is approximately 18 inches long. If you have trouble reaching your gum line, try a floss threader to thread the floss under your gums.
  • Always use a clean section of floss for each tooth.
  • Wrap the floss around your middle fingers, leaving one to two inches of floss between them.
  • Gently work the floss between each tooth, including the ones at the backs of your top and bottom teeth.
  • Make sure you floss underneath your gums too. This is an important part of dental hygiene.
  • Flossing your teeth is just as important as brushing them. Make sure you are flossing correctly every day.

How Does Flossing Affect Your Gum's Health?

Regular flossing can help prevent periodontal disease, or gum disease, by removing plaque, which is the sticky, bacteria-filled film that forms on your teeth. Plaque can build up over time and create pockets between your gums and teeth. These pockets can harbor more plaque, leading to more bacteria growth and, eventually, gum disease. Gum disease is a common condition caused by bacteria in plaque that infects the gums, causing inflammation, bleeding, and sensitivity. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to serious oral and overall health problems.

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