Inside of each of our teeth contains a pulp chamber, in which the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue that nourishes and help the roots of your teeth grow during their development are present. If an infection occurs in the pulp in this chamber,  it becomes necessary to remove the infection to prevent tooth loss and other potentially serious consequences. A root canal therapy is a procedure used to remove the infection, and it is a safe and effective way to preserve the quality and appearance of your smile.

Root canal treatment - Procedure
After numbing the affected tooth and the surrounding tissues with a local anesthetic, our dentist removes the infected pulp from within the root canal cavity either by making a hole in the tooth and manually extracting the decayed pulp or using a highly intense laser beam to eliminate the bacteria in the pulp. The walls of the cavity are well-cleaned, and a small amount of antibiotic medication is placed in it. This helps to prevent the growth of microbes and reinfection of the root canal cavity. The dentist then seals the hole with a tooth-colored filling material.

Since the root canal procedure involves removing nerves and blood vessels that provide nourishment to the tooth, the tooth usually tends to weaken after the procedure. Hence, it is required to restore it using a dental crown. It helps maintain the tooth's aesthetics, holds the tooth intact, and prevents further damage to it. 


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