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Endodontics is a subspecialty of dentistry that focuses on the research, diagnosis, and treatment of the dental pulp and the tissues surrounding the tooth roots. Endodontics is derived from Greek and means "the inside of a tooth."
An endodontist is a medical expert who specializes in treating the soft pulp tissues inside a patient's teeth and assisting in the preservation of the dental pulp. When necessary, endodontists will extract the pulp. At Healthy Smile Dental Care in Hialeah, Florida, we offer a variety of dental treatments and procedures to assist patients to maintain their dental health and bright smiles.

What Treatments do Endodontists Perform?

  • Traumatic Injury Treatment
The pulp of a tooth can be destroyed when it is subjected to external trauma or blows to the mouth. An endodontist is a specialist who treats severe damage to the pulp of the tooth.
In the case of children, dental traumas can cause pulp damage and tooth growth stunting. An endodontist can assist by stimulating the root to produce bone at the tip of the root, a treatment known as apexification, which will save the teeth.
  • Root Canal Treatment
A root canal treatment consists of removing the damaged or infected dental pulp, cleaning the inside of the tooth, and sealing it with a medicated filling material. An endodontist performs a root canal operation to restore or salvage a severely damaged or rotting tooth.

Why Do You Need Endodontic Treatment?

  • Deep Decay
Tooth decay occurs when bacteria in the mouth produce acids that eat away the teeth. Usually, identifying the decay is difficult, but symptoms include discomfort, sensitivity, and infection.
  • Tooth Cracked/Chipped
A root canal operation is required as a result of cracked, chipped, or other sorts of trauma to the tooth. The majority of cracked or chipped teeth are repaired using tooth-colored bonding material or with a dental crown placed on top of the tooth. If the damage to the tooth extends into the pulp, a root canal is usually required.
  • Large fillings
When a patient goes in for a dental filling, the amount of decay may be significant, necessitating the removal of more tooth structures. A large filling compromises the structural integrity of a tooth and increases the likelihood of requiring root canal therapy.
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