Partial Dentures in Hialeah, FL

Partial dentures replace missing teeth and are held in place by a metal or acrylic clasp that is attached to a person's remaining teeth. A partial denture can be used to replace one or more front or back teeth. This appliance, which can be used on either the top or bottom arch of teeth, is an option for patients who want to replace lost teeth while retaining as many natural teeth as possible. Making the natural teeth as healthy as possible and taking precautions to ensure a suitable fit for the final product are all part of the process of receiving partial dentures. Healthy Smile Dental Care provides partial dentures to our patients to help them restore their smiles and dental function.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures might be an excellent solution for dental patients who still have several robust and healthy teeth. They are made consisting of a metal framework that holds the replacement teeth in place and is held in place by the remaining natural teeth. They must be removed before going to bed and soaked overnight in a denture cleaning solution.

Why Would a Person Require Partial Dentures?

If you've lost numerous teeth on the top or bottom of your jaw, you might need partial dentures. Some of the variables that contribute to tooth loss include:

  • Tooth injury
  • Tooth extraction
  • Tooth decay

Whatever the reason, your remaining teeth must remain healthy. The partial dentures will be made by a dentist using your remaining teeth. If these teeth are not in good condition, your dentist may advise you to have them extracted and replace them with full dentures.

What are the Benefits of Partial Dentures?

  • Because partial dentures are supported by a metal framework, they stay properly in place. This also keeps them strong.
  • Prosthetic teeth in partial dentures are made of dental-grade ceramic material. It has a long lifespan and may be made to look exactly like natural teeth.
  • Because they are custom-made, partials fit perfectly. The prosthetic teeth would not cause any discomfort because they would fit perfectly with the existing natural teeth.
  • Partial dentures restore oral functionality by allowing you to bite and chew food as you did when you had all of your teeth intact.
  • They can be readily removed and placed on, just like traditional complete dentures.

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